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I represent a public/private organization and would like to know more about potential cooperation with Sex Statistics.

Public institutions, private companies, healthcare providers and non-governmental organizations active within the fields of sex, sexuality and relationships can work with Sex Statistics to share their data, research and critical information with a broad audience through intuitive visualizations. Please use the “Contact Us” form to start a dialogue where we jointly evaluate the potential for cooperation.

I have excellent skills within data analysis/graphic design/website development/social media engagement that can benefit Sex Statistics

Feel free to use the “Contact Us” form to share suggestions on how your unique skills can be put to good use by Sex Statistics.

I have a specific suggestion for a future infographic, interesting data or new relevant topics

We always welcome great new proposals for exciting content. Please use the “Contact Us” form to describe your idea, any relevant data, potential visualisation and more!

I would like to use your existing Infographics in a publication or professional setting

While we encourage and appreciate all attention and sharing of content on social media, for professional use of our content please visit the “Use Rights” page. This applies for use in digital or print media, presentations, reports, educational material and similar.

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