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The topics we cover are central to human behavior and the societies we live in. While scores of high quality data and studies are generated every year, we bridge the gap to make this information easily accessible and understandable for a broader global audience. 

True to this, we encourage usage and sharing of our content for all personal uses, subject to few criteria:

  1. SexStatistics must be retained as the author; our logo or name is not to be removed from the content
  2. The content must be shared in its original format
  3. Link back to the original article on our website

If you wish to make any modifications (size, remove branding, translations etc.)to the content, and/or for professional use such as media, schools, research, corporate presentations we offer attractive licensing options. Licensing is possible for individual infographics, or for our entire library of content. Licensing will also allow access to the original data and specific sources used.

Please use the Contact Us form to start a dialogue about licensing options.