Connect with us

Current Partners aim to engage with private and public entities in our efforts to make sexuality and relationship data easily available to a broad global audience.
We will also rely on partnerships for keeping Sex-Statistics a free and ad-free resource, which can continue to develop in the coming years.

At this point in time we do not yet have any long-term partners onboard and we remain open to discuss opportunities for cooperation.

Various ways we can work with your organization;

  1. Identify existing data from publicly available sources, or perform a new data collection exercise.
  2. Leverage our knowledge of current sources to support your research.
  3. Analyze data and structure the findings into intuitive visualizations.
  4. Create awareness from our global audience, through our website and social media accounts.

Content created will typically be published by, with full use rights provided to the partner as well.

Whether you represent a public health organization, an educational Institution, a global/local NGO, a healthcare provider, media outlet, industry association or a private company we’re interested in hearing from you, and jointly explore the potential for a long-term partnership.